Facts About Accent’s Flavor Enhancer

Accent Flavor Enhancer is an innovative product used to boost the flavor of any meal by merging seamlessly with the elements of your ingredients. A slight sprinkle of Accent can make the flavor of your food more savory.

This is the basic idea of Accent but let us give you some facts about Accent that will surprise you!

  • Accent is completely gluten-free. Some individuals may expect a gluten-free diet to be filled with bland boring and unsavory meals. In fact, that’s not at all true. Gluten-free foods can be delicious, and made even more mouthwatering with Accent Flavor Enhancer.


  • Accent produces a subtle taste that is called Umami. Umami is derived from Japan and is described as a unique, savory taste similar to broth. Umami is often considered the fifth basic taste following salty, sweet, sour and bitter.


  • Accent has about 60% less sodium than salt. All too often, we immediately reach for the salt when trying to flavor bland foods. Accent allows you to enhance the quality of your meal without over-salting.


  • Accent pairs well with foods that are savory. Sweet foods do not enhance quite the same as meats, salads, fish, potatoes and soups. Make your next mealtime terrific by adding a pinch of Accent to your foods.


  • Accent is perfect for individuals who have a diminished sense of taste. Instead of loading up your favorite meal with spices and salt, simply try adding a pinch of Accent to the dish. The flavor enhancer gives food enough savory taste to allow every person to enjoy a wonderful meal.

When flavoring your food, don’t be afraid to experiment. Use common ingredients that are known for bursts of flavor combined with Accent Flavor Enhancer to give your food that extra kick. You don’t have to go to extremes to make your recipes taste more intense. With a few tweaks to your existing methods and a pinch of Accent your next meal will have a new and exciting taste that your family won’t be able to get enough of.